“It takes a great chef to inspire others to do their best. It takes more than stirring the pot… Pat Weber in his soft incredible ‘make it happen way’, is that great chef.”
– Sue Zelickson , Minnesota Monthly


Clients & testimonials

Chef Weber has helped numerous restaurants achieve their full potential. Here is a list of businesses that have benefited from his expertise:



“Taking a concept from a food truck to an 8000 sq. ft. restaurant was an extremely complex and challenging endeavor. Weber was key in putting all the organizational systems in place and scaling them up to meet the increased capacity. I don’t know a local chef with a deeper knowledge of food, kitchen sense, and restaurant operational systems than Pat Weber. He has been instrumental to our success and we will definitely involve him in our next project. “

Josh Thoma

Owner, Smack Shack

“Many of the menu concept ideas for the LyndaleTaphouse came from Pat. The creativity of the menu he proposed and its sound execution laid the groundwork for our early success. Four years later, we are now ready to open our third Taphouse. “

Gene Suh

Owner, LyndaleTaphouse, Valley Taphouse

“Patrick is the true embodiment of a great chef and consultant. His energy, vision and passion is unmatched in the field of concept and development. He is a true mentor. If you are working to build a successful operation, I would not hesitate to hire Chef Weber to offer invaluable expertise along the way.”

Colby Garrelts

Chef, Owner Rye, Bluestem Kansas City, MO 2013 James Beard Winner Best Chef, Midwest

“We hired Patrick to do a menu analysis for Bar Abilene, our casual Southwestern restaurant in Uptown, Minneapolis. Patrick went through the entire menu, standardized all of the recipes, costed all of the prepped components of each dish, finalized plated costs and analyzed the profitability of each menu item. Further Pat did line set-up schematics, prep lists and closing check-lists. After this he was able to assemble useful server training information, serv-safe information and menu specific training information. Pat was able to do all of this in an extremely efficient and cost effective manner. He is very thorough and tech savvy. All of the results were put onto a zip drive for easy access and review.”

“His soup to nuts menu analysis and training information has proven invaluable in operating the restaurant more efficiently and profitably. I would not hesitate to hire Patrick to facilitate any style of restaurant opening, or to provide a tune-up of ongoing foodservice operations.”

Mark Haugen

Partner Cuisine Concepts

“I hired Pat Weber as a chef consultant to oversee the creation of the menu, kitchen layout, and staffing of Mosaic Café. Pat was extremely knowledgeable and professional. The menu content is fitting, unique, and more importantly, delicious. The kitchen layout is optimal, and the staff competent and friendly. “I would recommend Pat Weber to anyone who needs a consultant regarding their restaurant. He is a joy to work with and extremely competent.”

Ben Smith

Owner Mosaic Café

“For the past six years Pat Weber has provided operational consultation and the coordination/execution of special events for Cookie Cart. Pat is uniquely skilled at listening to his client’s goals and needs to craft expert recommendations. He balances budget constraints with an absolute commitment to quality. As a direct result of Pat’s talent, creativity and ability to bring people and resources together, Cookie Cart’s products and the organization’s ability to raise funds through special events have achieved new heights.”

Matt Halley

Executive Director Cookie Cart

“Hiring Chef Pat Weber was one of the best initial investments that we made. Not only is Pat a fantastic Chef, but his execution and deliverables were vital in keeping our concept true to our vision, within budget and on schedule. We always felt we were his priority, and having him present during our opening gave us peace of mind.”

Alicia Heinz & Jennifer Lueck

Owners The Buttered Tin St. Paul, MN

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“Pat is uniquely skilled at listening to his client’s goals and needs to craft expert recommendations.”

– Matt Halley

Executive Director, Cookie Cart