How To Install A Lazy-susan Corner Kitchen Cabinet?

How does a Lazy Susan corner cabinet work?

Designed to work with corner cabinets that have unattached double folding doors, kidney lazy susans feature independently rotating shelves. When shelves pivot around, items in the back are brought within reach. Ball-bearing slides enable the shelves to pull out smoothly when door is opened.

Where do you put the knob on a lazy Susan?

Knobs should be centered horizontally on the door stile on the side opposite the hinge … this goes for both upper and lower cabinetry. The typical height to place knobs is 2.5” – 3” from the bottom of the door (on upper cabinets) or from the top of the door (on lower cabinets).

Can you install a lazy susan in an existing cabinet?

Lazy susans are a great way to make the most of your space and easily access your dishes, but it can be intimidating to install one in an existing cabinet. Luckily, you can install a lazy susan in an existing cabinet if you install top and bottom brackets and a pole so that it rotates properly.

Is it hard to install a lazy Susan?

A Lazy Susan Install Isn’t Easy for Anyone That’s because the top of the cabinet isn’t on yet, so you’ve got relatively easy access. You have to install the pole so it’s level in order to allow the trays to rotate smoothly.

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