Kitchen Cabinet Valance How To Install Lights?

Do you need a valance for under cabinet lighting?

Using an under cabinet lighting valance or a concealment method is an optional and not mandatory. Some opt to have the lighting fixture exposed and forfeit the light valance for a more streamline look. Of course, you’ll want to choose a sleeker lighting and have tidy wiring, as everything will be exposed.

What is a light valance on cabinets?

Light Valance is used to conceal under cabinet lighting and matches the door material. It can be installed flush with the back of the door, further back for handle-less cabinet access or excluded completely if under cabinet lighting is not used. Light Valances come in 96″ rips and will need to be cut down onsite.

How do you install a kitchen Valance?

How to Install a Kitchen Cabinet Valance

  1. Stand on top of the countertop.
  2. Find the exact center of the valance.
  3. Hold the valance in place between the two cabinets.
  4. Open the doors on the cabinets on either side of the valance.
  5. Hold the valance in place against the ceiling.
  6. Place 1 1/2-inch screws into the holes.

How do you hide the wires under cabinet lighting?

One of the simplest solutions to unsightly under-cabinet wires is using a cable protector. You can secure the wiring into one bundle with tie wraps and adhere it to the cabinet’s underside with staples. The wiring length itself should extend directly from the light to the wall.

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What is a light rail in a kitchen?

Kitchen light rails, also known as bottom or under cabinet molding, are horizontal wood strips approximately 3/4-inch to 1 1/2-inches in height that a professional cabinetmaker or refacing specialist can install along the bottom edges of your upper cabinets to block out side glare and direct light downward onto

What type of under cabinet lighting is best?

LED lighting is also the most energy efficient and long-lasting. Moreover, because it emits very little heat when on, it is perfect for use under kitchen cabinets, where food may be stored. Best of all, LED can produce a range of colors, from warm to cool.

What is a valence in a kitchen?

Valances are an accessory that can add a hint of detail, small or large, varying with style and choice of application. With kitchen cabinetry, for example, they often help to connect cabinets to the left and right above a sink.

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