Question: How To Install New Dog Agits In Kitchen Aid Washer?

Are all agitator dogs the same?

Answer Diana, There are different size agitators out there but the only agitator that will work for any specific unit is the one that the manufacturer has recommended for it.

What are agitator dogs in a washing machine?

Agitator dogs, which are also known as dog ears, ratchet cogs, or agitator cogs control what direction the top section of a dual action agitator moves in. Basically, the upper part of your washer’s agitator should only move in a single direction, while the lower portion has the ability to rotate in multiple directions.

What are dogs in a washing machine?

Dog ears in a washing machine agitator are also called dogs, cogs or agitator directional cogs. Dogs catch on a cam inside the agitator, which creates the stop-and-go movement of the agitator during the wash cycle. Typically made of nylon or a similar material, dogs eventually wear out and require replacement.

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