Quick Answer: How To Install Kitchen Sink Soap Dispenser?

Where does the soap dispenser go on a kitchen sink?

In kitchens, sink-mounted soap dispensers typically measure 8″ on center from the faucet. This means that the distance between the center of the hole for the dispenser and the center of the hole for the faucet (or the handle nearest the dispenser) is 8 inches.

How do you hang a soap dispenser?


  1. Insert the Pump. Remove the knockout opening on the top of your kitchen sink.
  2. Center the Dispenser. Make sure to center the soap dispenser.
  3. Tighten the Mounting Nut.
  4. Attach the Pieces.
  5. Fill the Dispenser.

How do you open a Moen soap dispenser?

1. Gently pull the soap dispenser (#1) straight up and off of the counter. 2. Remove the pump/straw (#2) from the dispenser and soak it in warm soapy water until clean.

Should soap dispenser be on left or right of faucet?

Consider placing soap dispenser on left side (since right side will be used to dry dishes) Find this Pin and more on Kitchen Remodel by Silvia Keen.

Does soap dispenser go on right or left of faucet?

Built-in soap dispensers are almost always positioned to the right of the faucet assembly unless the main users of the sink in question are left-handed.

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Why does my soap dispenser not work?

Soap dispensers are fairly reliable devices. You push down on the finger pump, soap emerges through the spout, and the pump automatically retracts for the next cycle. When a pump isn’t working, it’s usually because it’s clogged or the spring is broken.

How do you stop a soap dispenser from dripping?

To prevent future drips, dilute the soap remaining in the bottle by adding one to three tablespoons of water. Drips occur when some soap remains in the pump after the dispensing. Diluting the soap ensures that the soap being pumped out is fully ejected, so it is less likely to drip.

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