Often asked: How To Build Kitchen In Prison Architect?

How do kitchens work in prison architect?

The Kitchen is a room where cooks prepare food with ingredients for prisoners. Ingredients arrive in a delivery truck and are then transferred from the deliveries to the fridges by the cooks. Prepared food is then placed on Serving Tables in a Canteen. In the Kitchen, cooks also wash dirty food trays in the sink.

How do you increase your food in prison architect?

Below are some options for even the simplest prison:

  1. Make a separate kitchen and canteen with their own equipment and staff.
  2. Increase the amount of equipment in your kitchen.
  3. Hire more cooks.
  4. Add another serving table in the canteen.
  5. Set inmates of different security levels to differing meal times.

How many cookers do I need prison architect?

To complete the first grant, Basic Detention Centre, you need to employ two cooks. While prisoners love to murder janitors and gardeners during riots, they rarely touch cooks.

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What should I put in my yard in prison architect?


  1. Bench.
  2. Phone Booth.
  3. Weight Bench.
  4. Room size 100 Squares.
  5. Room size 200 Squares.
  6. Running Track 12 Squares.
  7. Dumbbell Rack.
  8. Bleachers.

How many guards should I have in prison architect?

It often takes at least three guards to subdue a maximum security prisoner.

How big should a canteen be prison architect?

The optimum size of a canteen is 11×9 squares (10×9 also works fine). Such proportions let you place 4 serving tables, 20 benches and 20 tables (therefore they let you feed 80 prisoners at a time).

How do you improve canteen quality in prison architect?


  1. As all canteens, staff canteens should not be located too far from the next kitchen. This helps reducing walking time whenever cooks replace the food trays.
  2. Place your staff canteen in the same room as your Staff Room, so your guards can eat and rest in the same place.
  3. Your staff needs a Toilet, too.

How do you serve low quality food in prison architect?

To get the low meal part of the grant you need to have:

  1. One meal time in your Regime tab (yes, one for the entire day!)
  2. Meal Quantity set to LOW in the Policy tab.
  3. Meal Variety set to LOW in the Policy tab.
  4. Meal times can MAX be two hours for the timer to start.
  5. Once all criteria is met, the timer will start.

Who does laundry in prison architect?

If no prisoners are assigned to the room, janitors will carry out the job. Prisoners will use Laundry Baskets to collect and distribute clothes around your prison.

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How much sleep do prisoners need prison architect?

Sleep. During scheduled sleep times, prisoners will be confined to their cells. 5 hours sleep can be enough, but going lower may be dangerous. Prisoners will not sleep before 10 pm or after 8 am,regardless of the Regime.

How do I get good at Prison Architect?

Prison Architect: Tips For Building And Running A Successful

  1. 15 Phone Taps Are Handy.
  2. 14 Keep Personal Need Items Near The Canteen.
  3. 13 Sell Or Store Excess Goods From The Workshop.
  4. 12 Have Showers In Every Cell.
  5. 11 Keep Security At A Reasonable Level.
  6. 10 Start With Quick Grants.
  7. 9 Build A Storage Room Soon.

How do you get death row in prison architect?

Execution Schedule

  1. Lockdown – Full lockdown must be initiated to ensure the security of the execution.
  2. Testing the facility.
  3. Witnesses arrive and are led to the execution room.
  4. The Warden, Chief, and Spiritual Leader proceed to the inmate’s cell.
  5. The prisoner is escorted to the execution room.
  6. The prisoner is executed.

How do I change meals in prison architect?

To change the food quantity and variety, select Policy in Reports, console players will have to press X. Set the Meal Quantity and Meal Variety to Low and be sure to have only a single hour block set to Eat for the entire day in Regime.

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