Readers ask: How To Build An 18th Century Kitchen?

What were kitchens like in the 1800s?

The kitchen often was hot, smoky, and smelly. Most North Carolina families did not have the resources for a separate kitchen, though, and the hearth provided the center of home life and family activity. With no ovens or electricity, women prepared meals on the hearths of brick fireplaces.

What did a typical colonial kitchen look like?

Tapping into styles from the 17th and 18th centuries, a colonial kitchen is an example of early American classic kitchen design. These kitchens use white cabinetry, understated paint colors, exposed brick walls and natural wood flooring.

What was in a colonial kitchen?

A colonial style kitchen is foremost defined by a large brick fireplace, historically used for cooking. Colonial fireplaces generally opened into the kitchen with a floor-level stone hearth and were topped by a large mantle. However, adding some or all of these elements can help make your kitchen a room worth enjoying.

Why do some old houses not have kitchens?

Old houses often had a less-than-spacious kitchen and an overwhelmingly large pantry to accommodate the household’s staff. Called the butler’s pantry, it was a place to store food, dishes, silverware and more. The kitchen is the heart of the home.

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What did the poor eat in the 1800s?

“The rural diet was often better for the poor in more isolated areas because of payment in kind, notably in grain, potatoes, meat, milk or small patches of land to grow vegetables or to keep animals.

What revolutionized kitchens in the 1800s?

In most homes of the late 1800s, the fireplace (and sometimes the wood-stove) served as the kitchen; however, once stoves became cheaper — and running water and electricity became available — people began setting up kitchens as their own room in the house.

What are Shaker cabinets?

In the world of cabinetry, shaker cabinets are units that are simple but aesthetically pleasing. Shakers cabinet doors are cope-and-stick construction and recessed panel doors with simple and clean inside and outside edges.

What is a French country kitchen?

What exactly is a French country kitchen? It is a beautifully decorated cooking space that feels both homey and elegant. Think kitchen cabinetry that resembles traditional furniture, fancy oven hoods with crown molding or scalloped edges, and charming rustic accents that feel more Parisian shabby chic than rural.

What are colonial cabinets?

Characterized by a fairly straightforward and unadorned approach to design, colonial kitchens often feature muted, traditional colors, cabinets and furniture constructed from high-quality woods, and fixtures and hardware in metals like oil-rubbed bronze.

What is a second kitchen called?

A work-in pantry, or “prep kitchen,” is a second, usually smaller kitchen that’s hidden away around the corner from or behind the main kitchen. This second kitchen is sometimes called a “ butler’s pantry.” The main kitchen has cupboards, counters, a sink and all or most of the major kitchen appliances.

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What is traditional kitchen?

Traditional Kitchens are classy, elegant kitchens that have truly stood the test of time. These kitchens date back to a time when quality and class were the priority. If you like class, sophistication and decoration – traditional kitchens might be for you.

What were summer kitchens used for?

The single main reason for building a small summer kitchen was to keep the main house cool by preparing meals elsewhere. At this time, there was no air conditioning, and cooking was done exclusively on wood-burning stoves and fireplace hearths, both of which radiated intense heat.

Why do old houses have two kitchens?

Convenience is another reason people are building homes with two kitchens. If the home has finished living space on separate floors, such as the main floor and a basement level, it can be easier to prepare snacks and meals in a separate kitchen area on each floor rather than having to run up and down stairs.

What does summer kitchen mean?

The summer kitchen is a rectangular, one-to-two-story, usually gable-roofed structure that is closely related to the main house. As its name implies, the summer kitchen housed cooking facilities for the hot, heavy processing work of the high season.

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